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Our Programmes

From the offset we will work collaboratively with your organisation to establish the current cultural norms & readiness to change. Using our Create Connect Instill model we determine the appropriate first steps, we look at how to build strong foundations & what sustainable practice looks like for you


Help organisations find their start point for optimal employee engagement

Recognise what currently works, what needs renovation & prioritise what needs to be implemented


Provide employees with opportunities to connect through wellbeing


Upskill employees to understand one another better


Establish a structured yet flexible plan


Encourage sustainable wellbeing practices


Set measurable goals

At Humanurture, we explore the interconnection between the three key areas of leadership & team development, mental health, and physical wellbeing. Our bespoke programmes combine these three areas where necessary to provide the most effective solution for your organisation

When we develop our leaders & teams, we build trust, reduce judgment, and provide a safe space for mental health conversations.

When we prioritise mental health we can optimally support employees & enable them to support one another in a safe way.

When we connect people through Physical Wellbeing Challenges outside of the workspace we enhance team dynamics, improve physical health & boost mental wellbeing.

Leadership & Team Development

Leadership & Team Development Programme

Our Leadership & Team Development Programme is led by our Business & Leadership Coach Helen Gardiner.

It is based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung using a simple four colour model to illustrate personal preferences.


The benefits of incorporating the Insights Discovery training into your organisation are profound on an individual and organizational level. Insights Discovery training:

  • Focuses on improving personal, interpersonal and team effectiveness

  • Introduces a simple, yet impactful framework about strengths & preferences

  • Provides a common language about what drives our behaviours

  • By generating a personal profile, individuals can gain insights into their own strengths, areas for development & potential blind spots

  • Enables people to have an improved understanding of themselves, friends & colleagues, so that they can have more productive & positive communication both in & out of the workplace

  • Enhances an individuals ability to understand stress triggers & appreciate the signs of stress, so that ideas can be developed on protecting the wellbeing of the individual & others

  • Click here to find more information on the programme outline


The increased self awareness & the preferred style of others enables them to adapt & connect more effectively, to build relationships & develop team effectiveness, leading to effective performance & an increased chance of being successful

Programme Topics

MHM Programme

Mental Health Matters Programme

Our Mental Health Matters Programme is designed and led by Isabel Kay - Organisation Change & Mental Health Specialist.

The programme includes education & resources for all levels of your organisation. 

The benefits of incorporating the Mental Health Matters Programme into your organisation are :

  • An improved understanding of ourselves & others

  • Recognising the signs of struggle in ourselves and our work colleagues 

  • Providing a psychologically safe environment for open and honest conversations

  • Managing workplace stress

  • Providing optimal support to line managers 

  • Upskilling employees in active listening & effective communication

  • Setting boundaries and equipping employees with the knowledge of sign posting

  • Reducing absence due to work related stress

  • Supporting an employees return to work 

Programme Topics

Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing Education & Challenges

Our Physical Wellbeing Education & Challenges Programme is designed and led by Kate & Mark Airey - Sports Rehabilitation & Wellbeing Specialists.

The education aspect of the programme focuses on empowering individuals to take ownership of their health & wellbeing. Whilst the challenges aspect of the programme harnesses the power of social connection through exercise & nature.

The benefits of incorporating the Physical Wellbeing Education & Challenges Programme into your organisation are :

  • Connecting employees through wellbeing

  • Improving working relationships & team dynamics

  • Reduced sickness & absenteeism

  • Improved retention

  • Improved motivation & productivity

  • Improved mental health

  • Reduced risk of work related musculoskeletal pain/injury

Programme Topics

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