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Meet the Team
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Kate Airey

Founder and Wellbeing Specialist

Kate is the founder of Humanurture, mum of two boys and passionate about adventure and wellbeing. Her core values are courage, trust and leadership. With this in mind she is determined to help companies build a culture of wellbeing.

Kate's zest for life has made her approach to teaching Wellbeing unique and powerful. With over 12 years experience in musculoskeletal injury recovery, she understands the connection of the mind and the body in great depth, and the importance of our everyday decisions on our health, happiness and longevity.


''Informative and inspirational. I have come away with skills and knowledge that I will enjoy using in my everyday life'' 

- Workshop attendee


Relationship Manager

Sue Allison

Sue is known for her sense of humour and 'joie de vivre'. Her motto in life is 'Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to Dance in the Rain'. 

Sue has a passion for outdoor life, from farming stock to hiking the Wainwright's and bagging Munroe's. She enjoys working her dogs, clay shooting and snow skiing. Sue is currently training for the Lakeland 50 endurance event.

Sue has a wealth of business experience. She boasts an incredible 18 years experience as Finance & Marketing Director at Dunhouse Quarry Co Ltd, she spent 12 years running her own business within the construction industry, and 9 years as Business & Sales Manager at Middleton Lodge.


Organisation Change & Mental Health Specialist

Isabel Kay

Isabel has been a coach and consultant on organisation and individual change for over 20 years. She has worked with management teams in the UK and internationally to develop change programmes in support of business strategy. She provides coaching and facilitation to challenge thinking and reach practical approaches to business issues.

Isabel is a passionate advocate for mental health and wellbeing services. She has integrated her training as a counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist into her consulting practice.

Isabel also works in therapeutic settings with clients who are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and bereavement and other issues impacting on mental health and wellbeing. She is currently completing her Doctorate in Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy with a research project 'A narrative inquiry into the couple experience of leaving the UK military and living with a recognised mental health diagnosis'.


Mental Health Specialist & Physiotherapist

Verity Joyce

Verity is an example of mastering adversity and developing resilience, which influenced her career choices. Following learning to walk again as a teenager, and being told she would not swim again; Verity loves to share her knowledge relating to the mind-body connection and how to work smart, not hard to get the best out of ourselves.

Verity has worked and studied in the area of health and wellbeing for over 20 years. She is passionate in her teaching, and has delivered many successful Mental Health First Aid and Compassion related courses. Verity particularly enjoys exploring ideas and norms, including whether self-compassion 'is pink and fluffy', or if it can be one of the most courageous skills you can learn. 

Verity is currently completing her Doctorate on Power, Threat and Compassion within Insider-Research. She hopes to fulfil a childhood dream of swimming the English Channel to France, in the Summer of 2021.


Leadership & Business Coach

Insights Discovery Practitioner

Helen Gardiner

Helen has held leadership roles within the Pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years, recruiting and building a variety of customer facing teams. Also working cross functionally with colleagues in launching new products and in the development plus implementation of operational plans.

Over recent years her role has been as a national sales manager within specialist brands at Astellas. Helen has taken a lead role on various development projects, both in the UK and across established markets, for both first line sales managers, departmental heads and key account managers. During the past year she has led an internal team focusing on employee wellbeing during these turbulent times, with an emphasis on self awareness, recognizing stress triggers and adapting appropriately to others.


Helen is passionate about people development and has worked closely with training departments in the design and facilitation of various workshops, with an emphasis on coaching skills, people development and customer engagement, in particular. In 2012 she qualified as an NLP practitioner and in 2018 as an Insights Discovery Practitioner.


Strength & Conditioning Coach

Nutrition Coach

Mark Airey BEM

Mark has over 25 years experience in the field of health and wellbeing, he has a BSc Hons Sports Rehabilitation and is currently studying under Mac Nutrition University.


Over the past 11 years he has worked for the military and Help for Heroes helping seriously wounded serving men and women regain their health and find a new path in life. He is the founder of the charity Team True Spirit which enables serving personnel and veterans, and their families to come together and complete long distance sporting events. Mark is an incredible individual who gifts people with the self belief to achieve the impossible. His empathetic and inspiring approach to his work has led him to receive a British Empire Medal. 


Mark is a family man through and through and loves to adventure around Scotland and the Lake District.


Nutrition Specialist & Personal Trainer

Jodie McGregor

Having competed for Team GB as an equestrian athlete, Jodie decided to nurture her passion for fitness and nutrition by training as a personal trainer and Yoga teacher. During this time she worked with a varied selection of clients, from GB athletes to stressed out professionals. Helping them manage and improve their mental and physical health was incredibly rewarding but Jodie wanted to know more about nutrition and its impact on our wellbeing, so she enrolled in a nutrition degree.


During this time Jodie launched My Breakfast Box after seeing just how much people were struggling to start their day with a balanced breakfast; long term health, productivity and stress are all impacted hugely by what we eat so Jodie has made it her mission to make sure the first meal of the day is a great one!


Physiotherapist, Pilates & Yoga Specialist

Caroline Griffith MSCP

Caroline is a Chartered Physiotherapist, an APPI Pilates instructor and a Yoga Alliance Hatha yoga teacher. For over 25 years she has been correcting movement patterns and encouraging movement. She is a great believer in the importance of movement in musculoskeletal health and holistic wellbeing.

Caroline is passionate about sharing mindful movement through Pilates and Yoga, and making it accessible and fun for everyone.
She feels that the work we do on our mats allows us to be strong and flexible enough to enjoy our lives to the full both at work and at play.



Fitness Trainer

Olivia Metcalfe

Fitness has always been a huge part of Olivia's life and she has always enjoyed the feeling of bringing out confidence within people through exercise. Olivia is a personal trainer and specializes in teaching barre. Barre is a style of exercise that leads people through a full body workout focusing on high repetitions of small range of motion movements, as well as working through yoga inspired stretching.

Olivia teaches a variety of classes including Barre Sculpt, Barre HIIT and, Core & Restore. The classes are accessible to all abilities helping people to enjoy exercise and movement to improve both physical and mental health.  Olivia's classes hold many benefits for health including increased cardiovascular fitness, increased flexibility, improved posture and core strength. 

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