A Forward Thinking Approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace

Founded in 2018 by Wellbeing Specialist Kate Airey, Humanurture offers pioneering and impactful wellbeing services and resources that lead companies towards creating a culture of wellbeing.


From resilience and digital wellness to mindful nutrition, we offer a wide array of services delivered by leading specialists to enhance employee wellness, productivity and retention.

''An exceptionally well delivered workshop, very sincere and well pace'' 

As we move forward with a multichannel approach to working, we have to redefine 'together' and consider how we connect with one another to maintain a wholehearted organisation. There has never been a better time to implement a wellbeing programme to nurture employee health and connection. We provide the most bespoke and relevant wellbeing content to educate and empower your business.

Free Employer Webinars
Relaxing Hammock

Stress Busting


A 20 minute workshop focusing on stress busting and lifestyle tips to help create a culture of wellbeing within your business


Our bespoke wellbeing workshops offer relevant and accessible content for those working from home and in the office space. The workshops can be delivered in a bitesize 20-40 minute window or you have the option of diving deeper with our 60-120 minute sessions, all tailored to suit your companies needs.
Our Packages
Our tailored packages offer a comprehensive consultation with our leading wellbeing specialists to discuss your companies needs and wellbeing priorities.


Creating a Culture of Wellbeing


Leading with Wellbeing


The Forefront of Wellbeing

Wellbeing Blogs
Educate your organisation in Mental Health First Aid
Adult Education Course

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