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A Forward Thinking Approach to Workplace Wellbeing

Founded in 2018 by Wellbeing Specialist Kate Airey, Humanurture offers bespoke workshops & programmes that lead organisations towards a sustainable culture of wellbeing.


Humanurture comprises of a specialised team of individuals who bring their vast HR, business & wellbeing expertise to the table. This unique collection of innovative & excellent minds provides the backbone of our highly effective & bespoke wellbeing solutions.

Create Connect Instill

At Humanurture our goal is to:


Help organisations find their start point for optimal employee engagement

Recognise what currently works, what needs renovation & prioritise what needs to be implemented


Provide employees with opportunities to connect through wellbeing


Upskill employees to understand one another better


Establish a structured yet flexible plan


Encourage sustainable wellbeing practices


Set measurable goals

Through our Create Connect Instill philosophy, we guide and support organisations in three key areas:

At Humanurture, we explore the interconnection between these three key areas.

When we develop our leaders & teams, we build trust, reduce judgment, and provide a safe space for mental health conversations.

When we prioritise mental health we can optimally support employees & enable them to support one another in a safe way.

When we connect people through Physical Wellbeing Challenges outside of the workspace we enhance team dynamics, improve physical health & boost mental wellbeing.

What we offer

Our bespoke wellbeing workshops & programmes offer relevant and accessible content for those working from home and in the office space. They cover a wide range of wellbeing topics that adapt and evolve with research & science. 

Our Workshops

The workshops can be flexibly delivered in bitesize 40-60 minute windows or you have the option of diving deeper with our 90 minute - half day sessions, all tailored to suit your companies needs.

Our Programmes

Our programmes are delivered by leading specialists and offer the support and guidance to help organisations to harness the key concepts for sustainable change.


Leadership & Team Development Programme

Image by Naassom Azevedo

Mental Health Matters Programme

Physical Wellbeing Education & Challenges

Employee Wellbeing

What does it mean to your organisation?

Book a 10 minute appointment to talk with a member of our team.

Find out more about our services & how we can help your organisation

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